For The Parents of Young People in NA For The Parents of Young People in NA
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This pamphlet seeks to address some of the questions parents or caregivers may have when a young person comes to Narcotics Anonymous. The information here is not meant as advice about how to parent your child, but rather relates some common experiences of young people who have been successful in staying clean and finding recovery in NA. Young members all over the world have found recovery from drug addiction in Narcotics Anonymous, and we hope this information will be helpful for any loved one interested in learning more about the experiences a young member faces in recovery

The NA Program

The NA program is found in the Twelve Steps (as well as other NA literature) and focuses on addiction as a “physical, mental, and spiritual disease that affects every area of our lives.” As a result, recovery in NA involves more than simply abstinence from drugs.

What Happens at NA Meetings?

What you’re most likely to find at an NA meeting is a group of members talking openly about their successes and struggles with not using drugs. Members often share about facing normal life challenges and how they’ve attempted to meet those challenges through practicing the principles found within the Twelve Steps. NA members often socialize before and after meetings, and in many communities greet each other with hugs. NA meetings give members an opportunity to form relationships with other recovering addicts and develop a sense of community. These relationships are central to helping members feel supported in their new lifestyle. NA meetings are typically facilitated by a member who acts as a chairperson. Many groups hand out keytags to celebrate milestones of recovery.

The best way to find out what happens at a meeting is to attend one in your area. “Open” NA meetings welcome friends, family, and members of the community, whereas “closed” meetings are for addicts only. The local NA meeting directory or helpline typically indicates which meetings are open and which are closed

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